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Expert Squarespace SEO Consulting and E-Courses




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squarespace seo Consulting

Squarespace SEO expert e-courses

Strong SEO can turn your website into a revenue generating part of your business by driving targeted traffic to your site. Having a nice looking website is not enough in 2019.

As an Expert Level Member of the Squarespace Developer Community and a Squarespace Authorized Trainer I offer a full range of SEO consulting services for small to medium sized businesses worldwide.

Strong on-site SEO will help you rank higher in search results, drive more targeted traffic to your site and help you rise above your competition.

+ Squarespace SEO 101 : Novice

If you are new to SEO or Squarespace or both, this is the course for you.

+ Squarespace SEO 201 : Advanced

If you know your way around Squarespace and know the basics of SEO then you can start here. It is recommended that you complete 101 first.

+ SEO Developer Mode : Squarespace Developers

If you are a Squarespace Developer or site designer this course will help you provide strong SEO for your design clients.

+ SEO Consult : Tailor MAde Plans

If you don't have the time or desire to learn SEO book an SEO Consult for a custom-built SEO plan for your business that is based on your specific goals.

Expert Squarespace SEO advice and e-courses


What kind of SEO support do you Need?


Squarespace SEO E-Courses

— Now accepting waitlist reservations (no deposit required) for the 2019 courses. —

SEO E-courses Include the Following

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+ Modern, Advanced, Google-Approved SEO Techniques for 2019.

Many SEO courses online are outdated. SEO is such a fast moving, ever-changing subject that e-courses require constant updating to remain current. If an SEO e-course is not up-to-date your site could suffer. What was once considered common SEO practices can sometimes become detrimental to the ranking of your site.

+ Written by a Squarespace SEO Expert with a Corporate background.

Certified Squarespace Developer and Authorized Squarespace Trainer with history in Corporate Marketing and SEO that spans nearly a decade in both the US and Europe. In other words, not just someone who enjoys blogging about SEO and Squarespace.

+ Video & Quiz features.

Course text is broken down with easy to follow checklists, video content, visual aids and every section provides an opportunity to test your knowledge.

+ SEO that goes beyond just content.

SEO is a multi-faceted practice. You can’t put all of your ‘eggs in the content’ basket. While content is very important to your overall SEO strategy, a strong foundation for a technically sound site is also crucial as well promoting your site and tracking your efforts.

+ Bonus Content and Free Resources.

You don't have to pay for monthly subscriptions to have access to SEO tools that will help you improve your ranking over time. Each course provides you with a list of helpful, time-saving, free SEO tools.



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SEO Made Easy

Custom SEO Consult

From $750

Beyond the SEO basics there is a whole world of advanced possibilities to help your site rank higher and compete with other businesses in your industry. SEO Consulting is not limited to Squarespace users.

With strong foundational SEO your website investment can start delivering results that are measurable for your business regardless of what platform your site was built on.


+ Tailor-Made SEO Roadmap

+ SEO Competitive Analysis

+ Custom Keyword & Phrase Recommendations

+ How SEO Works on Squarespace 2019

+ The Best SEO Tools for Your Business

+ SEO Best Practices to Improve Your Ranking

+ Growing Your Audience & Bottom Line Using SEO



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