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SEO Consulting

Get discovered on Google.
Drive more traffic.
Increase sales.


What’s the point of having an amazing website
if it doesn’t drive traffic?


Best SEO Companies Atlanta

The best SEO companies aren’t Always large Agencies.

I am an SEO Specialist,
the ‘go-to Squarespace SEO expert’,
a freelance female entrepreneur,
I deliver results.

SEO Consult + Audit

An in-depth SEO audit and consult of your existing site typically uncovers many neglected aspects of SEO that you probably never even knew were hurting your Google ranking.

  1. Discover areas where your site is lacking foundational SEO.

  2. Spy on the competition.

  3. Receive an SEO plan specific to your business to improve ranking.

  4. Have an SEO expert implement the needed improvements to your site.

No more wondering what the heck your ‘SEO person’ is actually doing each month. Learn more about the SEO Consult.


SEO Custom Consult
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Sometimes the best SEO companies aren’t actually companies at all, they’re hard working freelancers like me.


Comprehensive + Eye-Opening

SEO Competitive Analysis

Spy on the competition.
Learn from them.
Surpass them.


Not ready to invest in a full SEO Audit?
An SEO competitive analysis is a good place to start.


SEO Specialist competitive analysis

What is an SEO competitive analysis?

One of the best ways to learn what you’re doing wrong, what you’re doing right and how you can improve is to take a look at the competition.

Name your top 3 competitors and receive a wealth of data to improve your relative SEO position. Things like…

- How customers find them, and you.
- What your competitors are doing right and wrong.
- Find untapped SEO opportunities in your industry.
- How much traffic they get.

Researched and presented by an SEO Specialist and customized to your business and industry.

Stop losing online leads to your competitors and surpass them in the search results.


SEO Competitive Analysis
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