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Free SEO Tools + Resources

I tried to categorize these many links however, a lot of the resources below do more than just one thing. Some sites offer keyword tools as well as site maintenance tools.

You may find that some tools are a better fit for you than others. I find that most of these resources have at least a few things that are crucial to a good overall SEO plan.

Bookmark the ones that are most important to you!

Google SEO Tools

  • Analytics : for analyzing your site traffic, audience analysis, and much more.

  • Search Console : Find and fix any on-site technical issues that may be impacting your site ranking.

  • Keyword Planner : For researching and finding new keywords and phrases to add to your site.

  • Pagespeed Insights : How fast is your page loading.

  • Trends : Find current, trending topics to blog about.

  • Mobile-Friendly Tester : See if your site is truly mobile friendly. : Scan your site for any areas that need to be improved. WooRank will give your site a score out of 100. The closer you get to 100 the more optimized your site is. Be forewarned, most websites will never reach a score of 100 as this often requires undesirable trade-offs in the look and feel of your site. Aim for something in the high 80s to 90s.

Broken Link Checker : Scan your entire site for broken links. Broken links have a negative impact on your overall SEO. I recommend scanning your site at least twice a year.

Moz : Moz offers a lot of the same free tools as Google but I like to compare the results to make sure no stone is left unturned. Sometimes one report finds an error that another report won’t catch.

Web Responsive Test : Squarespace does have a built-in mobile preview feature (see how to find it in the screen shots below) but what if you want to see how your site is appearing on a variety of real-life mobile devices?

Answer the Public : A website focused on collecting data on what questions people are asking most often online and then turning those into usable keywords, phrases and blog topics you can use for your website. Simply type in one of your keywords and explore!

Incognito Browser : Track changes in your ranking by opening a private or incognito browser window and searching for your keywords/phrases in Google. Make a note of your current ranking position and the date. Check it again in a few months and so on to see if you’re making progress.

Using a private browser window is important to ensure that your cookies and history don’t affect the results. Also make sure you are logged out of any Google accounts.

Not sure what to do with the data you've uncovered?

There are a number of advanced SEO techniques that are mentioned in the sites above that we don't cover in this beginner’s course.

If you’d like to utilize that information to advanced techniques like heading tags, AMP, schema markup, blog for SEO, create backlinks and more and further improve your site’s ranking and visibility:

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