Refund Policy


Evive Digital (referred to as “we”, “us”, “our” or “the Site owner”) owns the website available at (Site) and is the provider of Squarespace SEO e-courses (e-courses).

The Refunds Policy applies to the Squarespace SEO e-courses (e-courses) and is to be read together with our e-course Disclaimer Statement, Privacy Policy and Website Terms of Use Policy which govern Evive Digital’s relationship with you in connection with this Site and the e-courses.

Evive Digital operates in accordance with United States Laws.

Refunds for change of mind without taking part in the program, or before the official start date of the program, will not be accepted.

Financial hardship is not a valid reason for request for refund.

If you complete one or all of the e-courses available (including taking the optional skills quizzes) and you are not totally happy with one or more of the e-courses you can cancel write a description of your reason for requesting a refund for consideration (but not guarantee) of a full refund. 

Specific requirements to be eligible for a refund:

  1. You must demonstrate that you have participated in the e-course that you have purchased on more than one occasion. This will be verified using your log in records.

  2. You must submit an explanation of why you feel you did not learn anything new from the e-course you signed up for with your request for refund.

  3. Your request for refund of your e-course must be in writing by notifying within 7 days from the date of purchase.

Processing your refund request.

The Site owner will reply by email within 3 business days to inform you whether your request for a refund has been approved.  

If your request is approved, an electronic refund will be issued within 7 working days from notification of approval.

Refund requests after the 7 day period will not be approved under any circumstances.

For any questions or queries please contact
Evive Digital - contact <at> evivedigital <dot> com