How long does the course take?

All of my e-courses are self guided. This means you can take as much or as little time completing it as you like within your one year access.

Average course completion times are below, but please don’t hold yourself to any timeline you are uncomfortable with. The goal is to understand and retain the information.

You may also find you want to complete a section, take a break and then resume on a later date. That’s fine too.

Squarespace SEO 101 : 4 hours

Squarespace SEO 201 :

SEO Pro :

How Long will I have access?

Access to your e-course will be available for a period of 1 year. Here’s why:

SEO is such a fluid practice which, similar to technologies, advances very quickly. Information that was ‘best practice’ a year ago is often outdated. Courses will be updated in full each year and sometimes minor updates made throughout the year. I never want my clients working from outdated information.

Of course if you need more time you can always get in touch with me.

What if I have questions?

If you can’t find an answer to your question here on this page please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly.

CAn I share my log in details with my team?

When you pay for a spot on one of my e-courses you are paying for one-person access. I trust my clients to be honest and use the information I work hard to produce in a responsible and honest manner.

Got a team you want to train up? No problem. Drop me a line, I have discounted rates for teams requiring multiple log ins.