WElcome to Squarespace sEO


Your Mission : Familiarize yourself with the built-in SEO capabilities of your Squarespace website and implement them.

End Result : If you follow all of the steps outlined in this course, you will have a strong SEO foundation built in to your website.

When you have a solid SEO foundation you can :

  • develop a more comprehensive, strategic SEO plan to climb higher in Google rankings

  • better compete with other businesses in your space

  • drive more traffic to your site

You are in the right place and soon you’ll have the confidence to tackle the more advanced SEO techniques that help so many businesses rank on page one for their desired keywords and phrases.

So let’s get started.

Below is a quick summary of each of the sections in this e-course. Come back to this page any time to navigate between sections as you complete them or upon revisiting an unfinished section. Simply make a note of where you left off so you know where to pick back up.

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Understanding modern SEO

  • What is SEO.

  • How is it different in 2019 vs. the past.

  • How is your ranking determined.

  • SEO facts vs. fiction.

  • Optional skill test.


SEO Prep Work

  • Google Analytics.

  • Grading your site.

  • Keywords and phrases.

  • NEW! Planning your keywords and phrases in 2019. A lot has changed.

  • Optional skill test.


implementing seo on your squarespace site

  • Taking advantage of built-in features. Step by step.

  • NEW! Brand new Squarespace SEO features just released in late 2018.

  • Tracking your progress.

  • Optional skill test.


Free Resources

  • A list of all the free resources many pros use to keep their sites optimized for search

  • Looking forward : how to continue to improve your ranking.