Website Trends in 2017

The top website design trends of 2017 are a mixture of functionality and aesthetics. To keep your site modern, you will want to consider things like brevity, video and graphic elements, clean icons, and the ability to help grow your business' bottom line.

A website should be much more than just a 'pretty online brochure'. It should function as a tool which enables you to grow your business in a specific and methodical fashion. After all, it's an investment and any good investment should yeild a return.

Below are the top website trends of 2017 and how to implement them on your own site.

1 - Succinct Sites

If you haven't heard this stat yet, I'd be surprised, but I'll remind you that more than 56% of consumers are visiting websites via their mobile devices.

Website trends of 2017

Keep those web pages short and to the point. 

Nothing is more annoying than trying to quickly access the info you need on-the-go and scrolling for daaaays to find it. Mobile users demand quick answers to their questions on your website. Otherwise, you run the risk of those visitors moving on to the next website.

2 - Sites that Show it, and Say it

Okay so 2016 saw a big push in video content on websites. But have you taken the leap yet? Prevent your website video content from becoming stale by producing new content in 2017.

Try new techniques like graphic video elements and gifs to add character and fun to your site.

Gifs have come a long way and there are many tips and techniques for installing gifs on your website in a way that does not diminish the load time of your pages.

3 - Be an Icon

Both in the metaphorical and literal sense. Take a cue from major brands like Apple and Google (who always seem to be 3 steps ahead of everyone else) and opt for clean non-verbal icons on your website. 

A well thought out icon(s) can be just as impactful as the right photography.

Icons are the simplified version of your non-text website elements (refer to item #1 in this list).Take a step further by incorporating 3D elements in your icons to add dimension and interest. Gradients and carefully considered shadows can make all the difference and leave a 'wow-effect' on visitors.

4 - Make Your Website Make You Money

This always seemed so logical to me, but for a lot of businesses, a website is just a glorified brochure. *gasp* I try to explain to each of my clients to incredible value their site has. Don't let it sit there a be 'pretty'. Put your website to work. Tweak it. Look at the results. Modify. It's an ongoing art.

If you don't have Google Analytics installed on your site it. now!

It's completely free and it provides you with a wealth of knowledge about your site visitors which could lead to wealth on your bottom line.

If Analytics overwhelm or confuse you like many businesses, book a Google Analytics consultation with me. I've got a few spaces left in January. I'll help you find the gold nuggets to start driving more leads and sales from your site.