3 SEO Tricks Used by the Experts

Expert SEOs have a lot of tricks up their sleeves to improve site ranking using modern, white-hat (honest) techniques. But not all of those tricks are complicated and difficult to understand. in fact, there are many SEO tips you can implement right now that SEO experts are fond of using on their own Clients’ sites.

Expert SEO tips and tricks

I asked around and below are three of the easiest and most valuable SEO tips that myself and many other SEO experts use that you can implement on your own site.

Expert SEO Tips for Non-Experts

  1. Optimize your URLs and meta data…the RIGHT way.

    You’ve probably heard the tip that all of your urls, site images and title tags should be optimized for search. But did you know that there is a right and a wrong way to include spaces in your url and file names?

Expert SEO tips

When choosing urls and file names for the assets on your site, you should always uses dashes ‘-’ to denote a space between words. For example, lets pretend I am a dog food and dog supplies shop.

I have a photo of a dog on my website on the organic dog food product page. So I’m going to rename the file something like this :


Not only am I using dashes correctly to denote spaces between single words, but I’m also utilizing a key phrase which relates to the page that the image is on.

Using other symbols to denote spaces will backfire just as leaving out spaces altogether will as well. Here are a few of the WRONG ways to rename those image files:

organicdogfood.jpg (no spaces)

organic+dog+food.jpg (using non ‘-’ symbols)

Here’s what Google has to say about the subject of spacing in a file name.


So we can see that it’s not going to completely kill your site to use non-dashes, but it’s certainly a good practice to make a habit of moving forward, especially if your site doesn’t have the authority of a larger site like Wikipedia.

2. Spy on the Competition with an SEO Competitive Analysis

That age old adage, ‘keep your friends close but your enemies closer’ may be cliched but it’s overused for good reason. Because it’s true. Particularly in the case of SEO.

We can learn a lot from our competition online. And there are a number of ways to ‘spy’ on the competition.

  • Carefully review your competitors’ sites, make a SWOT analysis of any strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats you find.

  • Do a Google search for your desired keywords and phrases. Who is showing up on Page 1 for those terms? Review their site and see how they incorporate those keywords into their site.

  • Turn to an SEO expert. Hire someone to do a thorough SEO Competitive Analysis which will not only provide you will a ton of insight, but also outline exactly HOW you can use that information to gain an advantage. A quality SEO Competitive Analysis can be surprisingly affordable and worth their weight in SEO gold.

3. Don’t rely solely on SEO plugins.

Any SEO expert who knows what they are doing will avoid relying on plug-ins to get the job done.

Why? Because SEO plug-ins have a lot of open ended questions that can lead to uncertainty in your site. Things like potential risks to your site security, the need to manually update the plug-in on a regular basis, and the real kicker, relying on a plug-in just delays your own knowledge of SEO.

You don’t have to hire an SEO expert to implement modern, strategic and well planned SEO on your own site. You simply have to have the time and willingness to learn.

Understanding SEO can have great benefits such as :

  • Not having to rely on someone else’s plug-in that may or may not be around from one year to the next.

  • If/when you hire an SEO professional to do more advanced work for you, you’ll know what you’re talking about to some extent and therefore have a better idea of what questions to ask.

  • You can implement basic, foundational SEO on your site for a fraction of the cost that you would pay someone else to implement it for you.

One of the best ways to get a basic knowledge of SEO is to take a self-paced SEO E-Course.

They are affordable and can give you the knowledge you need to not only implement SEO on your site, but hire the right experts to take your site to the next level if needed.

Independence and knowledge are power. Why anyone would give that up for the convenience of a plug-in that they can’t validate or control has always confused me.

Fortunately there are loads of options out there to improve your site SEO without the help of a plug-in. These 3 expert SEO tips are just a few that anyone can easily implement on their own to work toward higher rankings and an easier to crawl website.

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