Social Media Plan

A precise, well-thought-out strategy for your social media marketing that is built to deliver results.

Perfect For : Businesses who Have limited time and budget to commit to social media are confused about which platforms to use.

  • Review and analysis of current social media presence, if any.
  • Insight on your target audience's social media habits.
  • A detailed plan and explanation of which social outlets to spend your time on and how best to use them.
  • Best practices for social outlets including:
    • ideal image sizes
    • best practices
    • best time to post
  • Free and paid tools for automating your social media efforts (perfect for brands who have limited time or resources).



go beyond the 'built-in' basic SEO with a Custom plan & advanced methods for sustained growth.

Perfect for : Businesses who want to make sure their website investment pays off as an intelligent piece of their overall growth.

  • Best practice suggestions for maximizing your built-in Squarespace SEO capabilities.
  • Analysis of target audience.
  • Comprehensive list of keywords/phrases appropriate for your driving traffic to your website.
    • Updated to reflect modern advancements such as Google Rank Brain algorithms
  • Step by step guide to choosing and placement of:
    • meta tags
    • descriptions
    • keywords/phrases
  • Custom organic SEO plan specific to your brand.
    • how to blog properly
    • a guide to backlinks
    • lesser known methods for driving traffic online


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

a well rounded online marketing plan that includes SEO
and much more.

Perfect for : Businesses who are short on time/resources but want results as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  • Full Squarespace SEO + package (everything above) ^.
  • Full Social Media Plan package (everything above) ^.
  • List of free and paid automation tools to streamline your efforts.
  • Backlink building techniques and detailed, proven successful methods.
  • Organic SEO plan specific to your brand.
  • Google Search Console set up and overview.
  • Competitive Analysis of your top 1-3 competitors.
    • what is their online strategy
    • are they buying ads, if so, which ones
    • what's working for them & what's not


What do I know?

When it comes to SEM and SEO, more than your average Jane.

  • Founded a travel site that grew into one of the Top 10 International Travel Blogs.
  • Partnered with some of the largest luxury brands in the hospitality industry.
  • 8 years of Corporate Marketing experience across the US and Europe.
  • Expert member of the Squarespace Developer's Circle.

Growing a site to a Top 10 International blog was a direct result of organic SEO methods and social media marketing.

I gave up travel blogging to pursue something I enjoy much more, website design and seo consulting. Today I devour the latest in SEO and SEM advancements and techniques to apply to my client's sites. I truly enjoy the ever-changing world of SEO.




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