the Website Design Process

Simple, streamlined and efficient.

Below is an outline of the 4-Step Process for each Evive website redesign project. Any SEO Consult and/or Analytics Review will be delivered separately.

 Custom Squarespace Website Design


In this step you will be provided with a simple outline of your new website (think, bulleted list) to review and sign off on.

From there, the website is framed out by adding, deleting, duplicating, or reordering pages to match the outline, creating a solid information architecture for the website.

The result is the framework needed to move into the more 'fun and visual' aspects of the project. You won't see anything particularly beautiful at this stage. It's more like the foundation and framework of your dream home just being built!

Deliverables : 

- Detailed outline of the website's architecture.


This is the creation of the 'look and feel' of your new site. Dummy text (e.g., lorem ipsum) and image placeholders are used to show placement. Keeping the content generic helps maintain focus on the design elements, which are the “moving parts” at this point in the process. Things like logo size and placement, taglines, page layouts, headers and font and navigation treatments will be chosen in this part of the process.

When finished, you will be provided with screenshots of the proposed style. This is the point at which you may want to move some 'walls' and 'windows' in that dream home now that you can start to see what the space is going to look like.

Deliverables : A stylized site with placeholder text and photos presented as screenshots.

Client Deliverables : Copy for all pages of the site as well as photography (unless arranged as an add-on service) needed for Part III.

 Custom Squarespace Website Designs

 Squarespace Custom Website Design


With the website’s architecture framed out and your ideal styling it’s time to start laying out and adding finalized content to each page. 

A few things to keep in mind:

- This step can only move as quickly as you are able to provide  site content (copy and images) so make sure you plan ahead for this.
- Remember that loooong questionnaire I had you fill out? That is now being used to optimize every page on your site with your specific goals in mind. 
- UX (user experience) is very important. You will be presented with some new ideas in which to show your brand/services/offerings to the audience in a fun and engaging way where appropriate.

Deliverables : A live preview of the site with all the blanks filled in. I.e. your 'dream house' is painted and the furniture is in!

 Custom Squarespace Website Designer


The final step is adding back-end finishing touches to the website. Some of these finishing touches, such as connecting social accounts, will require your your help. Akin to moving the 'furniture around' in your new home.

I will have a running check-list of finishing touches the website will require before going live. Once the list is complete, the many-multi-step process of publishing your new site live on the Internet will start. This will require a domain transfer and redirect which can take up to 72 hours.

Deliverables : 

- Punch list of final items.
- The live, running site of your dreams!
- The keys...a hand-off guide to your new site.


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